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My Dad Always Said, “If It’s Worth Being Done, It’s Worth Being Done RIGHT”

By May 21, 2018Flooring

The process of opening a retail store is quite trying. It reminds me about why having things DONE RIGHT matters.

The process for me started in November with the signing of the lease. Build out started immediately as well as the questions. Where is my money best spent, where can I save money? I can understand how customers feel when beginning a flooring remodel project. I did the same thing, I set a budget, found my location, and starting planning build outs, timelines, and products. Unfortunately, my lack of experience building out a retail space has led me to set an incorrect budget (just like homeowners when shopping for flooring).

Fortunately, I had excellent advice from industry experts, as well as my own experiences in the flooring industry. I have had 3 significant roof leaks since then and the landlord has sent people and patched it each time, at what cost I don’t know. If I had my way I would have replaced the roof. My store could have been open a month ago and for much less cost, but in the end doing it right is the only choice for me. Spending $3000 on all LED lighting for the showroom wasn’t a necessity.

I could have spent less than half that if I just replaced the fluorescent lighting, nor was $2500 on all new ceiling tiles (I could have kept some of the old ones) and replaced the severely damaged ones for $500.00. Repaving and stripping the driveway at a cost of $1700, really wasn’t mandatory. Putting in a brand-new air conditioner at a cost of $7500. Could have been put off till after I was up and running for a while. This and countless other decisions must be made, and having the correct information makes a world of difference to the final decision.

Some customer budgets will not meet their expectations, while some companies find an inferior product that meets their budget. I believe that is doing the customer a disservice, and we are better off having them wait and save till they can afford to have it DONE RIGHT. Making the point to potential customers that having things DONE RIGHT is a norm for me, not an exception was important. The customers may never notice all the attention, time and money that went into the buildout of my new store, but I know that it is DONE RIGHT, and for me that is the only way to do things.

This is the same for the homeowner they may never notice that a more expensive and better adhesive, moisture mitigation, mortar, or underlayment was used on their product, they will never see the amount of work that went into flattening their floor prior to installation, but they will enjoy the benefits of having it DONE RIGHT for generations to come. Like building a retail store, customers should be prepared for the unexpected.

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