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85% of floors are installed incorrectly.

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Hi, I’m Jason. The owner of Done Right Flooring in Tampa, Florida. I’ve opened this store to solve what I believe is a crisis in the Tampa market.

I believe that eighty-five percent of floors are getting installed technically wrong.

I’ve learned this through my last twenty-two years of installing and inspecting floors in the Tampa market. I spent fifteen years as a wood floor installer, and the last six years inspecting floor failures. What I’ve found is that many retailers and installers are not taking the homeowner’s lifestyle into consideration when installing floors. It’s important for a salesperson to know- Do you have pets? Do you have kids? Do you live on a lake? Do you live on the water? Do you have two stories, or one story? Is your house made of concrete block, or is it a wood sub floor? These things all impact what style of flooring you can have in your home; and it also impacts the style of installation that is used for your floor.

The risk of having a floor installed incorrectly might not be readily apparent at the beginning of the install, it might take years to manifest. One of my favorite statements is that “there is tile on the floor in Rome that has been down for two-thousand years and doesn’t have any problems.” Your home should be the same thing. A lot of the things that are done wrong: not using the proper seam sealer, not using the proper power stretcher, using the wrong glue, or not checking floors for flatness- can take years to manifest into a problem, but they will fail prematurely.

Done Right has set itself up to use certified, licensed installers and you should do the same to minimize your exposure and risk. We offer a five-year warranty on our installs because we feel that if we do it right, there’s no concern that we are going to have a call-back from you. If you would like to minimize your risk, the things to do are: find certified, licensed installers and make sure that they follow industry standards just like Done Right Flooring does. Our motto is, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth being Done Right.”

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Our process is unlike any in the flooring industry. With our Free Consultation, you’ll work directly with a certified professional with 25+ year of experience that will match you with the best flooring to fit your lifestyle!

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Our installers have been carefully chosen and offer years of experience. We require all of our flooring installers to be fully versed in all industry standards, Done Right Certified, & receive continuing education throughout the year.

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By offering high-quality products and certified installations, it allows us to provide an unparalleled 5-year warranty on flooring installations while our competitors offer a maximum of a one-year warranty.

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At Done Right, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality flooring products while maintaining the highest level of customer service standards. We consult with our customers to find the best products to fit their lifestyle and their budget.

All our products are sold and installed to ensure all industry standards and full manufacturer warranty guidelines are met. We stand behind our products and clients and take pride in being recognized as a leader in the flooring industry.

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All of our products are sold and installed to ensure the highest quality.  We stand behind our products and our clients with our unparalleled 5-year warranty.

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